Saturday, October 29, 2011

EnSUSed! (and a Glimpse of Ollie's Studio)

The Susan posts will continue shortly, leading up to her birthday (!!!) Her mom is here taking care of Sus as she heals up. Have you met Nancy? She is super cool. 

Meanwhile I have garden bounty that will soon go bad on the kitchen counters (YIKES!) and Ezra's Halloween costume is far from done. So until I catch up here are some photos from August.

Since then an oversize 9' tall french door has been installed in Ollie's studio and a sliding glass door overlooking the garden is in place in mine and Ezra's studio.

I can't help feeling that REAL life will begin when these studios are up and running!


P.S. Did you know...Susan was a cheerleader in Arts Highschool  for the MATH TEAM?! She knows equations in the form of cheers! It was a boarding school in Minneapolis. YAY for cheering on the mathematicians!