Wednesday, November 09, 2011

First Snow, Knitting, Reading

It snowed on Sunday. Ezra kept putting some on his finger and watching it melt. And he found it tasted good too. =)

A short walk with Susan!!! She is recovering but that short walk should have been shorter. =(

A lot of knitting and reading is taking place. So nice to be cozy inside while the high temp has been 32. The Halloween books were just put in storage with the decorations. 

Last summer Farrer elementary had a 10 cent sale on used books and we stocked up. All the lovely pages are worn.

With  the knitting comes  A LOT of untangling yarn.  In the background Ollie is tuning the chromaharp.
Nona and Ezra are quite the untangling team.
Ezra has been running around the house with a ball of yarn unraveling in his wake- it's like he's spinning webs!  Sometimes he sits by me with his ball of yarn, i hand him bamboo circular needles and his long fingers are busy "knitting". =)