Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Susan chronicles continue! And I might be wrong about some of the details...maybe if I am wrong enough a "certain someone" will have to post corrections on her own blog!!!! Susan always says "a certain someone" because she never names names. Example: When reminding a little person why they need to wash their hands..."Because a certain someone was picking their nose."

K, the following Susan stories are true to the best of my ability.
I can't be sure...but Susan was probably proposing to whoever was taking this picture? Proposing they play a game of basketball, of course!! Basketball is supremely important to her.

On her LDS mission to Germany Susan got to know a lot of people from the Waldorf community. She has been teaching me a lot about Rudolph Steiner methods for education.

Susan, on her mission again with some investigators. Actually, some friends visiting from Missouri.

 This unsuspecting cute elder has no idea susan has her own arm behind her back making it look like a side hug.

Back here in Provo at the Art Front we had summer intensive art workshops. Susan and her entire class are Frida Kahlo!!!! Other times they were Andy Warhol. But ALL of the time they were covered in paint and clay. I remember that the little girl next to Susan on the left (who is the middle kitten on this blog.) WAS ALWAYS THE MOST PAINT COVERED. I would have her change into my clothes before she went home- thank goodness back then I wore babydoll t-shirts that would actually fit.

Wait! There's more! And this is the part where i GUSH. I would like Susan no matter what. I just do. But the more I know about her the more I realize...she has the purest heart. She doesn't care what you look like, what you're wearing, who you're friends with, if you're connected, if you're cool or popular., she cares about your HEART. She cares that people are kind. She cares about goodness. Susan is beautiful.