Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Heights

Watching Ezra start to learn more about the holidays makes me so excited for him. He was happy running through the Christmas tree forest at Allred's, setting up the lights, and then the next morning? He was shocked and delighted to find out the trees (ours and Nina's) were still inside our houses! It's not just a dream, there are trees INSIDE!!!

The below outfit consists of corduroy overalls sewn by nona about 30 years ago, a hat she knit yesterday and a sweater knit by abuelita.

 Ezra banged on his best friend's door but sadly they were not home. I was leaving but Ezra did not want to give up. We found out a few minutes later they weren't home because they were at the cottage knocking on our door. We spent the morning at the park with our besties.