Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day after Thanskgiving

Catching air with Uncle Stu. Check out Ezra's happy face.
I found this video of Stu with skate scenes from our alley (at 1 minute in) and glimpses of some of the other uncles.

Ezra loves being upside down.
Ezra doing chest compressions on a collapsed uncle.

Nina comes home! Hooray!
Blissed out Ezra in the arms of his Nina.
Ezra spots Uncle Andrew on the roof.
Blowing off the leaves.
Spent part of Thanksgiving learning about Ollie's ancestors Agnes and John Pack.   John Pack started the University of Utah in his living room. Ollie is related a couple of ways including one of John's granddaughters married Charles A. Callis, the apostle and Ollie's great grandpa. The link will take you to an Ensign article about how Elder Callis was sent to preside over the southern states (for over 40 years!) at a time when missionaries were being tarred and feathers and murdered. He was able to create a spirit of good will where there had been none. I've been reading some of the ancestors' letters, originals in their perfect penmanship. What poetry.  Their words to each other are so descriptive and heartfelt it feels like I'm watching their lives on a Masterpiece Theatre series.

First thing in the morning Ezra loves to play with the Thanksgiving table and the mushrooms made by our friend TreePeeps (Nina bought them for us at the Beehive Bazaar.)
Close-up of the wool mushroom folk on the lumina pumpkin.

We're still feasting on leftovers, went to see Hugo, now changing out the cottage decor and getting ready for the rest of the Holidays. Including sending out cards this year (last year's cards never made it out). If you want on the list e-mail me!