Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Scarecrow

This scarecrow has two crows on his sleeves, a ladybug on his lapel, and a wee mouse on his hat.
Ezra's vest was an adult-sized wool sweater front for a knitting project that i abandoned ages ago. Momma Mia made some patches for it, i added some buttons and voilà! it kept our scarecrow warm!
We went to Liz's 30th birthday bash at her urban homestead, Walking Stick Farm, across P-town from us. 
the felt animals were made a month ago; ezra has been playing with them and was very disturbed to find them sewn to his clothes! so i undid the stitches, safety pinned them on, and we frequently took them off for ezra to play all evening.
 Ezra has sound effects for the mouse. It says "chippee chippee" and the crows say "acaw, acaw". i sang one of our favorite songs "black bird" to him on our walk.
Happy Birthday Liz! You are amazing! your homestead is beyond lovely!