Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Look Around

Today Momma mia and i were knitting and i asked a loud, "why are we doing this?" And we reflected on the many generations of knitters who came before us and the habits we form. Abuelita taught me to brandish needles when i was six. And I still have one of my first childhood projects. A doll blanket.
TamTam, my sister has taken up knitting again. She knit these spiral hats for Mr. T and Zigzag.
Ongoing knitting/crocketing projects and books i am reading...
Haha. Funny little ducks and chickens. 

Knitting mostly happens while Ezra explores the neighborhood. I follow him around with my knitting bag which is the perfect length to support the weight of my projects while we roam.

And we roam everywhere.
This gnome is curious.
And as to why we do this? Because i love it. More knit-and-tell coming up!