Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Owl Moon and a Sweater

We're reading and greatly admiring a book called Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. (Aside: we love learning all the native names for all of the full moons. Ezra was born on a full moon in May known by various titles including the flower moon, planting moon, the honey moon. The next full moon is on the 10th and is called the Cold Moon or the Long Nights moon. Brrrrr...)
Knitting a solstice sweater for Ollie. He knows all about it and has had input all along the way. He chose this free pattern. The yarn is Eco Wool.
 In other news...nona has been demonstrating long jumping to Ezra- and he's been practicing ever since.
Nona speaks only Spanish to Ezra. Here Ezra is pointing to "la nariz".

Today Freddie and Dani brought us an antique dresser from Virginia City, Montana. After conditioning the wood (using the beeswax and jojoba oil we made for Ezra's wood blocks) we found a place for it and decided it's the new home for cloth napkins, seasonal tablecloths, and nature displays. It is low enough for Ezra to easily use!

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