Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crafting Circles

Nona tells stories of growing up in Argentina with women gathering around the kerosene heater most evenings and making lace/jewelry out of bread!/darning/sewing/knitting. Doesn't that sound fabulous?!

My "crafting circle" time has been with nona, rachel, and ezra. Want to see what we've been up to?

With nona, who showed me how to finish the baby professor vest with a three needle bind-off. (The free pattern is written for a 12 month old but I used bulky organic cotton with size ten needles to fit my 20 month old.)
With Rachel, who knit her headband, a sock (not pictured), AND has been needle- felting
Um, isn't this the most AMAZING horse? And it's needle-felted!!! Rachel is a natural!!! Since these pictures she's almost finished the body.

Crafting with Ezra has included lots of glitter and wood cut-outs. He has his own crafting box and work space.
Here Ezra is sitting on a wooden bench that Nona made in the 70s. We've been sitting here to watch the rain and snow and mostly rain.
What I've been working on while Ezra helps or plays or naps...

finishing the farmyard and getting ready to bind the edges.
winding the yarn to finish Oliver's sweater.
made this super easy cowl which i used as a mask to keep my head cold germs to myself when i went to judge the reflections show at walden school.
and knit this growing boy another pair of longies.