Saturday, January 21, 2012

Milo Vest and Studio

As soon as it was off the needles and the ends woven in Ezra wore his new vest. In other words, this vest has not yet been blocked. 

Out back...the studios have a metal roof and it hailed ferociously while we were attending to this and that. I must say that it's a personal dream come true to hear the roof being pelted by hail. It was deafening and exciting.

Ezra climbed the ladder into the loft by himself (while being spotted) but still, by himself!!!
I told Ollie that I'll get my magic back when we have our studios up and running and then asked Ollie, "what brings you that feeling of magic???" He thought carefully and then answered "when i feel like i am helping others". HAHAHAHAHA! He's not trying to school me on priorities he really is...

Saint Oliver.

He's a solidly good person as well as a brilliant artist and when I'm surrounded by his visual-expressions-made-manifest I feel the glory of our creator.


Bonus picture of Ezra bear.