Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lately and more knitting & crocheting

Ezra has been doing circus tricks since he could put weight on his legs (a very long time). He was so little when he would climb onto the rocking chair by himself, let go of everything and rock back and forth like he was on a surf board riding a wave. So it's only to be expected that he prefers to ride his "neigh" while standing on its back (we call it his "horsey" but he calls it his "neigh".) =)

Ezra scored his own spray bottle (full of water) after an incident where he climbed on the kitchen island and sprayed/saturated the mozzarella with a powerful essential oils cleaner. 
Walking around the hood. It has been unseasonably warm.
Made this owl hat using this free pattern. The yarn is organic cotton. Size newborn for my pregnant neighbor who is now overdue! It was so fun to crochet- any of my nieces and nephews want one? Gunnar? Zigzag? I think i can figure out bigger sizes for the older nieces and nephews, just place your order!!!
Momma Mia knit the blue slippers for Ezra and he immediately lost one so i knit some BRIGHT orange ones with a longer cuff so they wouldn't fall off.  We found the missing blue one but alas, I can't find the other orange one anywhere. There is no moral to this story. P.S. I have to use needles two sizes bigger than momma mia's in order to obtain the same gauge.