Monday, January 16, 2012

Knitting a Farm Yard

I first mentioned the Knitted Farmyard in this post. My knitted farm is still in process but Ezra is already playing with it! He uses the main building as a footstool and has been known to carry it around with him. Haha! As I knit i'm thinking of and trying to incorporate permaculture design elements including: hugelkulture, swales, medicine wheel (relates to the mandala garden), dwarf goat hedge labyrinth, keyline pond system,  planting guilds under the fruit trees, and a small food forest system, maybe i can crochet some aquaculture.  The funny little ducks are Khaki Campbells, my favorite! I have a lot more to knit and crochet but will be looking to include cold frames, a greenhouse, hoop house, and some heritage animals. 

P.S. The wooden flatbed truck was made by Susan's awesome dad who gave it and another cool handmade car to Ezra. Thank you Susan's dad!!!

P.P.S. All of my metal knitting needles look like this after one use.  Does this happen to anyone else? I know i have a vicegrip but gee whiz!
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