Friday, March 02, 2012


Today I spied local fashion maven Camilla Combs and gave her a thumbs up! She waved.  

Ezra had a blast playing at the Community Church of Christ while I pestered artist Andi Pitcher Davis who was trying to set up her art show. Andi has the amazing knack of inspiring me to good ends! She also makes the best bread with text. Think Jenny Holzer meets Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall meets...Well, just go to 200 North University Avenue and see it!
A very rare screening of Joan of Arc flanked by lit photos of bread.
My amazing friend Mark means so much to me! He's directed my life in so many ways (probably unknowingly!)
with Mark, his cutie-pie daughter, and artist Andi Pitcher Davis.
This gorgeous child's mom has a blog. She posted this about our recent crafting session. 
All of her kids know how to needle-felt. And two of them know how to fly on broom sticks. =)
Boys wearing wellies.

Winter garden

 I found the PERFECT sock pattern for Ezra's feet.  The pattern is perfect because there's no pointy toe sillines but it was written for smaller feet so I upped the size needle to 3 and it worked just fine.

This blanket on the floor represents an island of calm during Sewing Palooza 2012. Almost every end of winter before gardening fever sets in there is Sewing Palooza! Last year TamTam came for it and we sewed a million things for Zigzag! All around the cottage there is fabric waiting to be cut and sewn. A HUGE sign on my door keeps all at bay so that I can SEW SEW SEW without cleaning up projects. A neighbor has asked if his wife can join in. YES! Other neighbors ask how Sewing Palooza is coming along. HA! And another neighbor gave me a big bag of gorgeous wool! 

I need to knit more for myself but here's my leg warmers from manos de uruguay yarn.

Up rock canyon showing Ezra where a climbing spot called "jobsite" used to be. (much of it fell down terrifyingly enough.)
Showing Ezra the first crack i ever climbed. It's called "Strawberry Jam" and it's in "the kitchen". we should have brought tea and biscuits.