Monday, March 05, 2012

A Look Around

Slowly Oliver's sweater is taking shape. It was a solstice gift (yikes!) but i ran out of yarn which had been discontinued and after an extensive and lengthy search finally found some in the same dye lot. phew!
Oliver made this light- I think he sold it- til he delivers it i'm using it in my sewing area. the LED light will last for forty years!

we hung up one of my paintings while Ezra was napping. when he woke up he saw it and said "angel, stick, shoes". You get it bud!

Sewing Palooza update: All of Ezra's summer and fall wardrobe are cut out and ready to sew! The patterns used are from these books: Sew for Toddlers  and Sewing Clothes Kids Love.

your mother has too much hair in your face. poor guy!
signs of spring!
Hung up one of Ollie's paintings too.