Friday, April 06, 2012

Farmer Boy and Me

From our little plot of land here in downtown Provo...
We collected cottonwood poplar buds to make Balm of Gilead.
We gathered, chopped, and froze chives.
We visit the ladies; they're good company.
 Ezra and I filled his basket full of eggs.
Harvested yucca root (which is plentiful here), peeled, grated, and soaked to see the saponins for ourselves. Grew two flats of wheat grass and gave one to our besties.
Made a new sturdier cover for Ezra's mini-me doll stroller.
Nona knit a wool sweater coat for Ezra (it's big enough for next winter and maybe the next after that too). I blocked it, sewed on the buttons and Ezra has been wearing it all over town.
The wool is thick pencil roving, it cost Nona a fortune but the result? So warm and I promise to hand wash it!