Sunday, April 01, 2012


We met Nona at the Rock Canyon park for kite-flying. 

In the early spring garden we've been eating arugula,
the perennial lovage, which has been called the permaculturalists' "celery", (in permaculture one plants as many perennial edibles in a food forest so that one is NOT laboring all day in the garden but instead  playing music, lounging in the hammock, spouting poetry- or... painting. I like thinking about this.)

garlic chives

dandelion tea

sorrel is so good in the early spring!
Another picnic at the Tabernacle park last night, with Rachel.


We ate then kicked around the soccer ball and the entire two hours we were there a constant crowd rotated through paying homage to the original tabernacle foundation.

Oh Ezra, you are a wonderful companion in the garden; nearly always insisting on being barefooted and carrying BOTH your shovel and broom, multi-tasking. 

Planted wheatgrass for Easter. Will it be tall and thick by then?
Ollie and I made some wooden buttons of various sizes.