Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lately and goddess of the hearth

A couple of years ago the young seamstress pictured below had several sewing lessons (see this post here. ) Then Missy moved to Austria and its been a while.... but she came back and we made a pattern and almost finished sewing the pink shirt below. We chatted about the ancient Greek and Roman pantheons- she knows everything there is to know and when i told her my favorite goddess is Hestia- she immediately said "goddess of the hearth!". So fun! And then she drew me a beautiful portrait of Hestia which now lives on my magnetic inspiration board. You're the best dear A!

 Ezra gathering lavender.
 playing with his abacus rollercoaster
 Sage gave me some of her very own hand spun precious yarn! Sage and her adorable boys live on the block. (who looks this good right after going swimming?!)

 I ran to grab the camera to take a snapshot of Ezra's tall tinker toy tower and he used my absence of two seconds to play with the lighter and candle. Ha!
early evening rain 
and the rainbow

Flowers from the garden.