Monday, November 26, 2012

a bit of holiday

A gnome creche and advent spiral.
Gnome baby will descend one rung of the ladder every day until he's delivered from the stars into his mother's arms. Aside: O'lover tells a story to Ezra every night about how Ezra can climb to the top of our mountain and swing from star to star until he reaches the moon. Ezra LOVES this story- it has really captured his imagination; he has a window above his bed and conveniently lately the moon has been positioned to shine down on him. I really think he'll identify with the baby Jesus coming to earth on a ladder like this. 
Here are gnome Mary and gnome Joseph preparing to start their journey. They''ll progress from star to star every day until they find their way to the stable. i couldn't re-find the tutorial i used to make the couple (they were the first things i needle-felted last year)  but it is from this fabulous blog.
 These gnomes are playing in the stable, giving it good energy for its new occupants.
Now to needle-felt some owls to nest in the roof and some creatures to witness the amazing event- a baby is coming!


Bonus pic: Ezra hanging out in mama and dada's bed, our abundantly cozy nest.