Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Look Around the Front Garden

My dear friend Kimmy asked for some photos of the garden. Let's go outside for a tour of the front.
Ezra has his wellies on...and my apron. haha.
This kid is the funnest garden companion.
Until we get out on the front porch where Ezra gets sidetracked by the swing. See you in a sec Ez!
Ezra's fourth birthday is imminent! When he's asked for months "When is my birthday?" I tell him to watch for the peonies to bloom and that will be his birthday (more or less). Well the peonies along the front path are starting to open!!!!!
Below is a view of the bishop's weed ground cover. Bishops weed is edible. The young leaves taste like cilantro.  To halt their rather energetic spreading (some would call them invasive thugs) pick the white flowers for bouquets! eat the leaves in salads, soups, and stir fries!
After the blooming of the above bearded irises will come the blooms of the orchid irises which look like a flock of white birds hovering. We look forward to noticing this transition every year!
On the north side of the garden in the walnut tree guild we planted our tomatoes. The cages are built from a friend's catalpa tree prunings. We also planted a common hackberry. Several siberian pea shrubs and a silver buffalo berry grow here; they will all be coppiced frequently for nitrogen fixing.
There are three raised beds on the south side of the garden. Two are from brick. In the foreground of this picture is the newest bed for cabbages, broccoli, kale, red clover (we drink red clover tea frequently), oak leaf lettuce, etc. This raised bed was made the easy way! I used sheet mulching and hugelkultur, finished off with some cardboard side walls, wrapped by a waddle fence made from our apple tree prunings. You use what you have, right?

The lawn does not get much attention but this patch hosts many mini-picnics! and dandelions!

My mother returned two rose bushes that I had once given to my dear Abuelita for her birthday years ago. I planted them near the front gateway. Roses are a powerful symbol in alchemical texts and in every major religious tradition. But I planted them here expressly as an offering of love and peace to the surrounding community. Plus a reminder of spunky Abuelita every time I leave the garden is a good thing!
That's all for now dear ones! Some time I'll write an inventory and materia medica for the front garden. There are over 25 fruit trees and many currants, berries, and herbs. Almost every plant in the garden has medicinal, edible, and dye properties. and the rest? the rest of the plants are there for just being their lovely sacred selves.