Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A look Around at the Start of a New Month

Last year I explained to clever James that I wanted nature shelves that looked like toadstools growing out of the wall and the below shelves are what he came up with; tree trunk sections anchored invisibly to the plastered brick wall. Thanks James!

At the start of every new month Ezra and I clear off and dust our nature shelves. 

 And then select a few minerals and signs of the season for display. 

This is a birds nest that we found on the sidewalk under our ivy. We didn't see any egg shells with it and we wonder what happened to its inhabitants. But it was cool to see evidence that the birds have been weaving in the bits of wool we purposely leave outside for them to find!!! Can you see the white yarn and the blue wool?

A few recent nature table displays:

For advent, Grandmother Earth, winter gnomes, a little needle-felted snowscape and Fritz.
 The tiny nativity below was made by our adorable friend Rachel. The other toys are by me and my handy scroll saw.
And here is what we just took down. Lady Spring and entourage.
Happy June!