Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Fibershed- Localizing our Clothes

Last year my brilliant friend AJ met one of the organizers of the Fibershed movement at a natural dye conference, told me about it and...

I keeled over with extreme happiness!

A fibershed! Where the clothes you wear are all produced from materials sourced from local gardens and ranches then milled/dyed/sewn/knit by locals as well! Official definition of "fibershed" here

See why the concept is swoon worthy?! 

The original fibershed is in San Geronimo, California. But there are affiliate programs throughout the U.S. and internationally. Please go to their blog and check out the gorgeous posts about local producers and makers. 

Our affiliate program is the High Desert Fibershed- based in Salt Lake City (and 300 mile radius)

And now what's been happening here at the cottage...
combing one of our satin angoras "Lili"
harvesting our goldenrod for dying
harvesting tansy
Spinning! In the below photos Ezra is sitting on my lap and "getting it" and then trying it out for himself. He loves "letting the energy gather".

alum mordant, with dyes all from the garden- from left to right no dye, grapes, tansy, sunflower, and black-eyed susans.
took this pic while riding my bike- Ezra is in the front cargo holding onto the spinning wheel
at the park with some of the spinning guild

all handspun- there is spun in the grease wool from coalsville, our angora, local alpaca, and our tumeric dye
Just figuring this all out. I look at all my handspun and can be so self critical! But the idea of our fibershed is so appealing that I'll produce and wear "rustic" with pride. =)
More to come!