Monday, September 22, 2014


Back in August, Oliver and I spent the evening of our tenth wedding anniversary in a warehouse in Brooklyn preparing in a small way for this: 
  80 city blocks of this. photo by Avaaz
the largest mobilization on climate change in history

We represented our Rocky Mountain city by wearing our Leuven Provo bike shirts. When we met coordinators in the warehouse they said "oh you're bike activists" and put us to work. 

we worked on making these bees. 

a hive of activity.
We wish we could have attended the march. Sigh. But it's nice to see where the bees we worked on ended up swarming.

For more photos of the Bee-ing click here. For more info about the People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street and their good work click here.

It's incredibly romantic sitting in a warehouse getting scissor cramp in your hand while working on a good cause with the one you love! Taking a very late train back to our hotel in Manhattan I couldn't help but feel buoyantly happy to be married to O'lover who was so willing to have spent our anniversary thusly. xx.