Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti and Roadtrips

Hey y'all. Two things:

First, my friend Rye, Mr. PhD of Water, is going to Haiti and sent this e-mail:

Hey ra ra. Who do you know in Provo who is going to Haiti? I am putting together a rapid response team. We are looking for partners and any info that we can get before we leave.

So dear blog-o-sphere...perhaps you know someone who'd qualify to be part of a water and sanitation team? Or people from the local area who want to partner? If you know anyone who is going or wants to go please e-mail me at grittyprettyatgmaildotcom and I'll forward your info. What an amazing thing to have the skills to contribute! I'm so proud to know people who are dropping everything to go help!

Second, remember the VW Bus ornament I sent for my sister TamTam's Christmas tree? Here's some pics of the real thing. They do a good job of demonstrating the concept that even after all these years you are the same person you were as a child.
I totally am exactly the same person.
Here I am being overtaken by the beauty of a blade of grass. We were somewhere in Central or South America.
I still can't get into a car without feeling a pull to deep slumber. Remember when we didn't have to wear seat belts?!

totally willing to wager that you are the same person you were as a child too.