Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Link Love

I've decided I can not be happy until the cottage construction projects are over.

So this is me not being happy. UNhappy. Impatient. I tried pouting.

Dear Construction Projects, are you over yet?

Nope. They are still there. Pouting had no effect.

So dear reader while I roll up my sleeves and give another heave-ho please notice I just added some link love to the right margin of this blog (under the farmers' market poster).

Also, I checked traffic sources to the blog and found that mormontimes.org has linked to me. This is what they wrote: check out Gritty Pretty, a fascinating but fun blog mixture of topics that comes out of Provo!

(maybe i am reading too much into that exclamation point but why are they surprised that grittypretty comes out of provo?) And, thanks for the link, MormonTimes!!

A daughter of Provo who is not leaving the cottage until everything is tidy again. Except to walk Farmer to kiss the horses.