Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mad Dashes About Town

For the last few days besides being cloistered at the cottage while finishing construction I've been on some much needed diversions...
At Provo Town Square I found this cutie and knew he wanted a field trip to Heindselman's Knitting Shop.
where I promised O'lover I would knit atleast one thing per month if he bought me this knitting magazine.My speed walking Momma Mia and I booked it to the HFAC at BYU to see millions of paper cranes.
At the Lady Danburry tailoring shop I took a mini-workshop on appliques and stenciling.Adorable Lady Danburry let me trace her kissing drawing onto my interfacing.We had dinner with some of our favorite Farmers' Market vendors, the Talaveras. Those deep-fried stuffed green peppers- oh my!At the Covey Art Center I enjoyed the refrigerator art by Sharon Gray.Dr. Gray inserted herself into all sorts of famous art works such as Edvard Munch's The Scream. I also loved her as Frida Kahlo.Also at the Covey Art Center this painting by Barbara Wardle. Paintings that can't be contained but runneth over onto the frame thus becoming an art object...? My soft spot!
Beheld the sexy Valentine's window display at Taylor Maid in downtown.
and last but not least got my vitamin c from the rose hips in front of Provo Care on Center Street.
Photos of the last of the cottage renovations are coming up this Monday.

Until then...

p.s. GrittyPretty is on Cjane's Guide to Provo! Check it out here. Thanks Cjane!