Monday, February 01, 2010

Attic Office

Don't let the light-filled glow of the office corner was an ill-organized space with no room to work and only one electric outlet. There was no storage space for our papers and the desk top was over-crowded with computer paraphernalia leaving no space on which to lean our elbows or much less be old-fashioned by writing on paper.
on the left wall we cut into the attic, laid a salvaged wood floor, erected new walls, and built 4 cubbies and an attic access door. The four cubbies hold the printer, the scanner, discs, and on the left front we added built in files. Not yet pictured: the new electric outlets with surge protectors.Here are the built-in shelves on the adjacent wall.
Notice these pictures are dark. It's night. Don't let the dark deceive you. It is bright and cheery and even inviting. Our office is inviting- does that count as a super power?! Imagine the work that will get done! We joined our old desktop to a built-in desk top so its now twice as deep. Our reference books are within reach and the file folders are labeled. Most of the files are empty because we had a big clean out. Empty space means room for a future. What new papers will we welcome to our office?!
I stained the tops of the rolling cabinets. And we can either have them tucked all the way under the desk or roll them out into the room for more desk top space.
Now I need to touch up the floor paint.

And then...?