Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Graphic Look Around

Skip over the next paragraph unless you crack up at potty jokes and think that natural processes are fascinating. 'Cause this is about to be as real as it gets...

"Guess WHAT?

Chicken Butt!

Guess WHO?

Chicken Poo!"

When chicks are little sometimes they need extra help in the form of a warmed and wet q-tip to make sure that their poop doesn't dry and clog their bum. Because if it does, they will die. I thought my chicken bottom inspections days were long over until recently i noticed that Bridget wasn't doing so well. So every day for a week I cleaned her bum. And under all that bum gunck were two mysterious sacs. The poor ladies' ovaries had come OUT. I found out that I should have pushed them back in but they were so infected. Luckily, keeping her in the warm greenhouse and cleaning her bum everyday cleared things up and her ovaries went back inside on their own and Bridget is now happily back with her sisters. And I am proud of myself for getting better at taking care of the ladies.


This is a picture of 20,000 beloved pets hanging on the apple tree. Can you tell Ollie sincerely loves them? I miss our bees.
Luckily, this last fall when our own hive was abandoned and empty I did a work/trade with the Clifford Family Farm. I prepped some growing beds and hung out with DuckDuck (pictured below) in exchange for a gallon of honey (and lots of produce). Duck Duck is the sweetest most friendly duck and she accompanied me the entire time i was there.

Back at home...this is our ladies' coop right now.

And this is what I'm working on...the start of Ollie's sweater. Spinning and knitting in the grease (leaving a bit of the lanolin in the wool so that its rain proof) feels primitive. I love how it looks but ripped it out because i started with one ply but decided to make it all two ply.
And i'm finishing an afghan. The afghan on the left was made by my dear wonderful friend Esther Norris who taught me to like pumpernickel bread and crochet. She was in her late 80s. She passed away before I could finish the afghan on the right. I don't know how to crochet the edging.
I'll figure it out.

pumpernickel bread is my favorite