Wednesday, February 17, 2010


O'lover and I LOVE working side by side. But on Valentine's weekend I played inside and Ollie was doing his thing outside.

Inside, i put a heart on my cheek.
Outside Ollie was constructing.
Inside I finished knitting my Valentine's scarf.
Outside Ollie was assembling stuff assembly line style.
Inside I set up our Valentine's Day Corner.
And hung some handmade ornaments like this knit and crocheted heart.
and made ornaments from expired seed catalogs.
like these hearts which are cabbage, carrots, radishes, etc.
Outside Ollie was still working.
I called for Ollie to join me for some plum cake.And then we had lovely people over for tea and ate the whole plum cake. And then i put an arrow through the heart on my cheek.
And then I went outside to make sure Ollie noticed the arrow.
And Ollie noticed the arrow. And I noticed that my O'lover made me five cold frames. And those [freakin' awesome!!!] cold frames deserve their own post.