Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Quilt Back!

The back is the best part! The stitches stand out against the cream colored flannel backing and what made sense as little pictures and designs on the front of the quilt turn into an abstract work of art on the back. I love the implied topography created by meandering lines."Implied topography?" did i go to art school? (yup. once upon a time...)

Amy's perfect, tiny stitches for the swan.
With this post the quilt has been documented enough for it's REAL use as a drag through the dirt/mud/Linus-take-it-wherever blanket. There is nothing in the cottage that is archival and that's the way i like it! Dirt and time, washing and wearing out, stains, it all makes things more beautiful.

wow. that was very ashes to ashes dust to dust!