Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wrapped in Generations

Three generations constructed Ezra's outfit. My dear Abuelita knit the shoes years ago. Momma Mia knit his hat and sweater. And the soakers are by me.

Ezra loves the sounds he makes when he wears this ensemble. The hat has tassels with bells, the buttons on the sweater are bells, and the shoes have laces with bells too. Ezra shakes his head when he sees new people so they can notice the bells jingling. I think that's very thoughtful of him!
Momma Mia made the pattern up. In fact, she never knits from patterns; she knits by sight. Is that like playing music by ear? Notice the cables up the sleeves. The sweater is roomy enough to fit Ezra next year too.

Our boy is eight months today! But in these pictures Ezra is still a young seven months. Technical difficulties are preventing the uploading of recent pics. So just imagine him with even chubbier cheeks -I don't think the hat fits now.