Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Quilt Front

The hand outline is from a tracing of Ezra's hand. Can you spot the chicken with the hula hoop and the bird dreaming of a raspberry?
The quilt was pieced from a little bit of every scrap of fabric available including fancy cloth napkins embroidered by nona, abuelita, and momma mia when she was a girl, Ollie's corduroy pants, an 80 year old dish towel from Argentina. Most of the embroidery floss used was inherited from my great Aunt Margaret (on my dad's side).
The lyrics to Ezra's name song are embroidered in an ancient script no longer taught in schools called "cursive". haha! It has been so long since I wrote in cursive that i almost forgot it! Maybe by the time Ezra tries to read this cursive will be a secret code.