Monday, January 10, 2011

The Quilt Stitchers

For the weeks that his baby quilt was stretched out on the quilting frame Ezra was always seeking to sit in the middle of it. This is Grandma Lil holding onto Ezra in one of his many quilt diving attempts.

Everyone visiting the cottage was invited to embroider on the quilt.
Rachel was one of the first to stitch but hadn't seen it done.
This was one of the many late nights spent covering it with thousands of stitches. Embroidering can suck you in and many hours pass before you realize it's morning and you have to carry your sleeping brother home.
Thanks to all the people who have worked on Ezra's blanket. Though the quilt is in use you can still work on it if you please (Aunt Tam!!)

Stitch Masters besides me and Ollie:
Cheli, Bonnie, Charles, Connie, Rachel, Ascha, Katie, Lillian, Tess, Paul, Andrew, Jessie, Sam, Lauren, Travis, Eden, Chris, Amy, Tabitha, Swan, Ash, Cherilyn, Sus, Edie, Gene, Rich, Meg, Richie, James, Brian, Celeste, Sophie, Bess, Lucy, Marcie, Dave, April, Zendina.

Goodnight! Tomorrow there will be photos of the actual quilt!

P.S. Ollie has now read two books on embroidery and really is a master in the making!