Sunday, February 13, 2011


For Valentine's weekend we took our lovey cherub to Park City. We had an early lunch at the Spruce Restaurant (owned by the folks from the famous Spruce of San Francisco) located in the Waldorf Astoria. By the time we left the place was packed and everyone there had something adoring to say to the cherub. (By the way, I didn't crochet the owl hat. Nina bought it at the Beehive Bazaar. But i knit the surprise jacket designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman.)
O'lover has a history with Spruce. When they first started he met with their head chef and sous chef to connect them with local farmers. We were eating Provo's Clifford Family Farm food in Park City! O'lover also designed Spruce's wine cabinets.
As well as their fireplace, etc.
After lunch we visited Chimayo Restaurant- where six years ago we had our first magical dinner as newlyweds!
And then we reminisced at the Washington School Inn where we spent our first night of our epic three stage honeymoon.
Love is in the air!
xoxo to all you love birds!