Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Way or That Way?

Dear Ezra, 

You are 16 months old. And you now have 16 teeth! Everyday our walks include playing a game called "This way? or that way?" You have a firm opinion and you're decisive at pointing the direction we will go. All along the way you collect sticks for the doggies, you rearrange fallen leaves, acorns, pinecones, and little rocks, and you look for ripening fruit in the branches of every tree. You point into the treetops and say "apple?" You've helped pick loads of apples from our back tree. You take a bite out of each and every one. Every apple we have has a tiny little Ezra bite. =) You notice everything and want to take it all in.

All the above pictures were taken yesterday morning. It's a slice of your every day!
I love you dear Sweet and Gorgeous Kiddo!

P.S. Aunt TamTam wants to know why her nephew is near the mouths of three large dogs. You know them as Farmer, his visiting cousin Gremil, and Flint who is owned by the owner of the local Asian market. Flint comes down from SLC every day to keep Farmer company. You'd rather be inside with them getting licked/mauled but I only let you pet them and feed them sticks through the gate.