Monday, November 21, 2011


 Ezra's wool longies are done! Maybe they'll be big enough for next year too.

 A knit gnome for the Rainbow Witch. Alpaca yarn body stuffed with that rambouillet wool AJ and I got from Coalsville UT forever ago.
The gnome's delivery bag.
 I subbed for an after school art class. We talked about Arcosanti, and dreamed out loud about the communities we'd love to live in.  Some of their ideas were a hammock village, a snow globe, living in a chocolate chip cookie, underwater world, living in a hamburger.

 Ezra needs a bigger sweater...Last year's sweater is this year's "vest"? =)
 Hard at work sweeping.
Ollie is adjusting my totally ineffective hilarious diapering job (Ezra is a moving target!)  We went to the new Natural History Museum in SLC...what a treat!
 I love these boys.