Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This morning...

Ezra and I spend a lot of time outside, every day, rain or shine. But today was autumn at its finest! Which made it super easy to see the beauty of the world and get filled up with goodness. We walked a few blocks past historic pioneer homes and entered a world class campus, BYU. If you haven't been for a while, or plan on visiting can we recommend the south campus trail? Here are a few shots. In the spring and summer there's seven - count them SEVEN- waterfalls and a beautiful river. I've been told that the water is recycled grey water coming from campus air conditioning units, etc. There are terraces, picnic pavilions, and a beautiful river (which is dry right now but still lovely). Usually Ezra and I have all this scenery to ourselves!!! A couple of times we've seen college students racing rubber duckies down the river.
 We walked all the way to the Bean Museum.
 Here's their show schedule.
Most days I would have scoffed at the very unprofessional intrusion of Christmas in the animal displays but... today i only scoffed slightly and then loved it. Plus Ezra LOVED it.

Snap shot at the museum of art. A painting of a pueblo- i always think that clothes hanging on a line to dry is art worthy (case in point- the gritty pretty header).