Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Knitting

My boys received new knits for Valentine's. Ezra got a red milo vest with x's and o's and folded on the table below you can see that my O'lover got WOOL PANTS!!! Yes, those pants took forever to knit and were a real test of my project stick-to-it-ivness but i'm sure i'll do it again; he wears them and i can't be happier. In fact, Ollie is wearing them to sleep right now but I will soon take pictures of them so you can see a whole lotta stockinette stitch going on.   
Ezra's vest is big enough for next year too. 
 We pulled weeds today and had a lay about in the front garden. Ezra has blueberry smoothie on his sweet face. As we relaxed I remembered that i posted about a similar layabout last February-my how Ezra has grown.

Below Ezra's wearing the professor's vest mentioned in this post with a link to the free pattern.
That's all for now.