Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

It started with a gift bag of books.
 Ezra's wearing homemade leprechaun overalls while holding one of his new books.
Green smoothie!
We found evidence that a leprechaun was at susan's house! (green pee in the toilet). 
That leprechaun left shamrocks with clues in code around the neighborhood including a clue on our treehouse ladder! We followed the shamrocks to the pirate's ship where there was a rainbow and a pot of gold! (Thank you Sus for always attracting leprechauns to your house every year!)

 Fabulous Johnna,  of Urban Dewberry, showing me her beautifully handmade dress while at Caleb Warnock's homestead today. Caleb is the author of The Forgotten Skills of Self-sufficiency.
I only got to pinch two people today. Russell! James! But then on closer inspection James was wearing green. Have mercy James!
I only have this fun photo of what i wore today and sadly the adorable heart buttons on my blouse are hidden. i love ezra's happy windblown face.
And a few pics of lately, 
We took a walk up rock canyon to visit this moss wall.
My husband said my pants are loud. Thanks for the compliment Ollie!
We've been taking many of our meals outside. Ezra fed the salad (behind him) to his dada while dada played the guitar.

That's all.