Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Glance Out the Back Door

Here's the back door.

For some reason the previous owners of the cottage had covered over the transom windows. We opened up the back door transom and I did a piece of stained glass for it. It is a rendition of Maple and Buckley mountains as seen from our back stoop. And the sun is shown at its various rising positions during the cross-quarter/solstice/equinox days. So for Summer Solstice, which is a big deal around here, the sun rose over Slide Canyon, the furthest north it will be for us.

And now on the other side of that are Ez and Sidge making mud pies decorated with flowers.

The dirt path that winds through the garden becomes a mud bath which we roll around in! It's like having your own spa! =) The mud warms up fast and feels awesome.

We love mud!
These days every chance we get we're near the pond.

Here I am eating nettle soup on the bridge. Four ingredients: local salt, a basketful of nettle, stock, and one potato. The stinging nettle patch is finally big enough to supply all of the cottage's smoothie, soup, and infusion needs. 

The grape trellis marks the entry to the fire circle. And below is the edible Japanese chrysanthemum growing into the mortared wall around the fire circle of which there will be more pics soon.

Salmon for breakfast. It's laying on a bed of fennel, mallow, and evening primrose leaves. Topped with raspberries, strawberries, whole flowers from borage, arugula and petals from calendula and Japanese chrysanthemums. All (besides the fish, i wish!) gathered from the garden by Sidge, Ez, and mwah.