Monday, August 25, 2014

A Look Around on Mondays

Mondays are water day! We do water related things such as laundry (or in this case spraying off the kitchen rug), go to local water holes, paint, and sometimes we dye fabric textiles in the outdoor kitchen. 
rug is woven from recycled plastic bottles

keeping yarn submerged in the dye pot
Tumeric dye pot with yarn Ez and I spun and plied
Almost every Monday we go and sit in water.
Or lie down in it!

Today, an eventful Monday morning, we had friends come over to release snakes into our back garden pond! Here's an amazing kid holding two snakes!
 This garter snake still in a bucket was molting.  At 18 inches long it was the giant of the three.
 The kids released the snakes who then slithered away so fast.
We keep checking for the snakes in the rocks around the pond but haven't seen them yet. 

Happy Monday friends! And if anyone local wants to join us in a Monday dye party let me know! We have lots of wool and fabric and dye!

Also, I'm now on instagram as hum_house. My adorable little herbalist friend @sidge_ set up my account recently and taught me how to use it! You instagrammers are blowing my mind!