Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Look Around on Wednesdays

Wednesdays are Sewing and Mending days. 

Just made a pattern from a lovely Guatamalan apron; a very utilitarian harvesting apron that has pockets and panels. Panels are my favorite feature in a pattern because they use up my fabric stash which is mostly made up of smaller pieces that I've thrifted. And pockets are also my favorite feature. Panels and pockets!
I cut up an old shirt to make the apron. My very accommodating four year old stood on a chair to take these snapshots. No mirror check to realize that my apron shoulder is twisted. hahaha.
The two pockets are in contrasting fabric. I think the apron needs to have both shoulders cinched. 

The below incredibly wearable skirt (want to wear it everyday!) is five-paneled using four different fabrics. I made a pattern from a friend's skirt.  Ez is checking to see if the nectarines are ripe. Nope, not yet.
Ezra's apron...panels and pockets. And now the nectarines are ready!
Ez likes sewing cards (we have the melissa & doug farm animals and we've made some sewing cards outs of cardboard.) He also enjoys running the sewing machine but mostly while I'm sewing he's playing. Here he brought out pretty much all of his playscapes. Sorry about the stark afternoon light in these photos.
Ezra involves all of the creatures in the high drama of the farm. In the above photo some knit pigs had climbed the waterfalls of the lagoon and were asking each other "Where did the hens lay their eggs?" 

Also on Wednesdays...Ezra and I have now attended two terms of the local Waldorf Cottage School parent/toddler class. Plus he did their summer camp and Ez is currently enrolled in pre-kindy.

The teachers are gentle and loving, the food is healthy, the stories are eagerly anticipated, and the rhythm of purposeful play carries the children warmly through the day. Ezra considers school his second home.