Friday, February 06, 2015

A Look Around on Fridays

This "wheel of the week" hangs on our bulletin board. It's a salvaged disc of wood painted with washes of watercolor and has the lofty purpose of keeping us anchored in a rhythm of the week. 

If you want to see how it helps guide our family here are links to past posts:
and today! Friday!
(Saturday and Sunday are coming up.)

Friday is the day of beauty. We recite a new verse, we make art, think beautiful thoughts, that sort of thing.

Also, for a season (which is over for now) on Fridays I taught a green tech class for kids. We discussed permaculture principles, made rocket stoves, strung together wind chimes from bamboo we grow, wove waddle fencing, did eurythmy, told stories with handmade puppets of the legendary permaculture druids that live on maple flats, toured local gardens, distributed lots of plants, learned a lot about edible perennials and putting them into smoothies, recycled newspaper by folding them into origami seed starting pots, and chased escaped chickens around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful time! Here are a few pics of the green tech class:

Fridays with Ezra are delightful. He loves making art non-stop everyday but we like to make Fridays extra special by setting the stage for an experience of art making; telling a story that helps us use our art tools mindfully.  Ahhhh the magic of learning how to wield a brush, mix colors, and see how the blank paper is filled!

On Fridays we can't wait for Oliver to get home after his long week of commuting to work and school.  Keeping focused on beauty as a special seasoning to add flavor to the day makes it easier to get through the last few hours 'til he's home for the weekend!

Below Ezra is using a wooden spoon carved by Oliver to eat his miso soup.

And here is Ezra this morning: 
He was saying "look ma! i'm a one-eyed pirate!" We often have "one-eyed pirates" (aka "eggs in a hole") for breakfast.

Today we drew on burlap stretched on an embroidery hoop.

Then embroidered the lines. 

Happy beautiful Friday to you!!!